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FishEye Lomo app replicates the original Lomo FishEye camera on all your photos and offers many more options and controls: * FishEye adjustments... easily adjust the spherical effect, curvature from a blown fisheye.. to a vintage tv screen. * Lomo adjustments... cross process your photo and create the vintage look of the original fish-eye lomo camera. * Change the background outside the fisheye. Can be a color, a texture or simply transparent. * Fade on the edge of the FishEye.. For a 'globe' effect. * Add a border around, with shadow adjustments * Color Control... Tone Adjust and create a mono or multi tone images. Perfect for old vignette or retro look, * Double Exposure... Easily combine and blend another photo to create a splendid multiple exposure effects those cameras were able to achieve! * Use our StartApp to launch FishEye Lomo and render inside Apple Photos directly. FishEye Lomo by juxtaposing images and effects conveys a message and a real emotion. A mut have designer tool.