FlagTimes – The time zones app

OS X 10.11.6
Features Multiple Flags You might work with people from multiple countries. Don't worry, FlagTimes support multiple flags! Customizable FlagTimes comes with some settings such as am/pm time, auto-start on login. Trustworthy FlagTimes is based on Apples own clock. So if you trust your computers time, you can trust FlagTimes! Battery safe I hope you will run FlagTimes all the time so I made it super efficient. How much time will you save? Let's say you get distracted for about 20 seconds a day per timezone thinking about time while at your computer. If you use FlagTimes for 5 years and work in 4 time zones, you'll save: 4 timezones * 20 seconds * 5 years = 40 days!