Flowlist – Manage Life in Flow

OS X 10.10
Flowlist is an elegant self-management tool optimized for total creative focus. Hierarchical lists make it as simple and adaptable as a box of legos. Organize your thoughts and your life in a state of flow! Watch a 30 second video at www.flowlistapp.com Flowlist does not force your stuff into categories like "Project" or "Todo". Instead, items are universal and may contain other items, like folders on your Mac contain other folders. You're free to organize yourself in your own way. A novel interaction concept combines intuitive key commands, a clean interface and meaningful animations, so you can rapidly navigate and edit your item hierarchy in a state of deep concentration. You may use Flowlist to: • Capture whatever pops into your head • Support your thought process • Grow a backlog of ideas • Establish good habits • Manage tasks and projects • Keep track of responsibilities • Plan your day and your future Flowlist helps you to get into flow: • You evolve your own item hierarchy: group items together, add subitems to any (empty) item, move items to a whole different level. • Your hands never have to leave the keyboard and your eyes can stay focused on your content. With just a few intelligently laid out key commands, you have rapid control over everything. • The interface is focused. You change focus by navigating your item hierarchy. Overview is always to the left and details are always to the right. • The interface is clean. No buttons, knobs, alerts, popups and such clutter. • Flowlist animates all your navigation and editing, which makes it fun to use and helps keeping track of changes. • Flowlist is made for fullscreen and also offers a monotasking mode that blends out all other apps, the dock and the menu bar. This free version has all features, saves all items and will never expire. It is only limited to 100 items, not counting groups, which will be enough in many contexts. Try it for yourself, a progress bar at the bottom tracks your item count. You can support the development of Flowlist by unlocking the full unlimited version from within the app: • Pay once, then use Flowlist forever. No subscription required. • Early bird advantage: Owners of the full version get all new features as free updates, even when the full version price rises.