MultiText Copy

OS X 10.6
★★★★★ MultiText Copy ★★★★★ With MultiText Copy you can virtually expand the CLIPBOARD textual memory of your Mac of 14 times. With MT Copy in-fact you will have 14 spaces of virtual memory that will allow you to always PASTE (cmd V) the text you need. An excellent help for anyone who needs to copy (cmd C) and paste (cmd V) several different texts, you will have in fact all your texts organized and available only through a simple click of the mouse. No more boring endlessly repeated actions: select text ... copy the selected text ... paste the copied text ... select other text ... and so on ... With MultiText Copy you'll just need one click and you'll have the text you need in the clipboard memory of your Mac ... and with another click the clipboard memory will be automatically filled with the new text. MultiText Copy a really unique and useful utility!