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33% OFF LIMITED TIME HUFFINGTON POST: “An unparalleled writing experience” GQ: “One of the most powerful mechanisms to spur the imagination” THE VERGE: “Among the cleanest and best designed note-taking apps I've ever used on iOS” DIGITAL TRENDS: “May force you into producing the best writing of your life” MASHABLE: “Kept my nose to the grindstone better than any cup of coffee ever could” VOX: “For the first time in my life, my fingers moved continuously across the keyboard for 15 minutes” BOSTON GLOBE: “Forces you into ‘the zone’ and keeps you there” JUDD APATOW: “Thanks!!!” ○ “Elegant” ○ “Dangerous” ○ “Relaxing” ○ “Perverted” ○ “A godsend” ○ “Sadistic” ○ “Intuitive” ○ “Diabolical” ○ “Your best friend” ○ "Your worst nightmare" ○ “Beautiful” ○ “Like a drug” SLATE | WIRED | THE NEXT WEB | THE VERGE | MASHABLE | ENGADGET | THE BOSTON GLOBE | HUFFINGTON POST | LIFEHACKER | GQ | BUSTLE | NOFILMSCHOOL | VOX MAGAZINE | DIGTAL TRENDS | MACWORLD | POPSUGAR | APP ADVICE | TECH TIMES | EXAMINER | PSFK | THE DAILY ORANGE | NEWSLEDGE | SPEIGEL —————————————————————————— THE SITUATION The world is a hive of distractions, multi-tasking, and cultural ADD. Many sit down to write and watch hours vanish with nothing to show but a trail of browser tabs. Flowstate is a response to the amphetaminic digital age. It frees the writer to turn on, tune in, and open up. HOW IT WORKS Choose how long you want to write (5, 15, 30 min), then enter a flow session. If you exit early, or stop typing for longer than five seconds, all progress is lost. The only way to save your work is by writing until the timer ends. WTF? Flowstate is guided by a simple philosophy: flow, then react. What does it feel like to write with pure momentum? What comes out when you hurtle deeper and deeper without pausing to tweak or edit? For those willing to set aside their preconceptions of how to write, they may find a companion in Flowstate: a single law that silences the analytical brain and amplifies a voice of candor. TRIPPY What you have to offer is you. The way out is through. —————————————————————————— TECHNICAL STUFF Your documents are synced across all devices Exclusive to OS X and iOS Built by Overman