Flyer Templates – 55 Templates for Photoshop

OS X 10.10
Quickly and easily create attention-grabbing flyers for your business, party, or sale. In just minutes, you can design professional-looking flyers, even if you have no design experience at all! Professional designers would charge $250 or more to create flyers like this, but you can instantly download and edit over 55 templates today and advertise your events, sales, concerts, and parties like a full-sized marketing team in just a few clicks. ● Over 55 powerful, attention-grabbing templates that will easily increase your turnout. Make your next big event a hit! ● Flyers are Print Ready / CMYK / 300 DPI. A5 size (5.83x8.27 inches) + bleeds. ● 11 unique categories for every type of event: beach parties, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, cocktail parties, food & drink, services, music, general, sale & discount, and even student parties - great for colleges and high schools! ● Impress people with flyers created by real professional design teams. Our international graphics experts have given you world-class designs that normally cost hundreds of dollars apiece. “Simply breath-taking… these flyers look like $1,000 marketing projects.” iSource “These flyers worked amazingly well. We saw a 157% increase in attendance compared to generic templates we found online.” MacTrast Download your new flyer templates now, and ramp up your marketing in minutes! * Flyer Templates - 55 Templates for Photoshop requires Photoshop CS4, or later.