Folder Stamps & Templates

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Fed up with ordinary blue folders? Wanna make them look unique and exquisite? Well, start decorating them with Folder Stamps & Templates today! Folder Stamps & Templates is an amazing add-on for your system. It provides over 200 pre-designed stunning stamps and templates that can instantly turns your blue folders to work of art with minimal efforts imaginable - drag ’n’ drops. Other than making your folders beautiful, this app also can boost your productivity by making your folders distinguishable by both appearances and names. Features: - Over 200 pre-designed gorgeous stamps & templates in total. - As easy to operate as simple drag ’n’ drops. - Process multiple folders in one shot. - Beautify your folders and make them look unique. - Make your folders distinguishable by appearances. - Boost your productivity. If you have any questions or problems with this app, please contact for tech support.