Folder Templates HD

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Don’t settle for ordinary and make your folders look exquisite now! Folder Templates HD is an amazing little app that turns your boring blue folders into stylish works of art. It provides over 150 stunning pre-designed templates in 8 categories for you to choose. You can always easily find exactly what you like back in there. Just three simple steps, and your folders would be unique and gorgeous. Features: - Super neat interface, very intuitive. - Over 150 beautiful pre-designed templates in 8 categories: 1. Texture 2. Universe 3. Abstract 4. Animal Skins 5. Tropical 6. Flowers 7. Ocean 8. Puppies - Preview a chosen template in a bigger window before applying it. - Easy to use: 1. Pick a template you like, 2. Drop the folder(s) into the preview, 3. Click “ √ ” to confirm. - Process multiple folders in batch. - Superb quality: template-applied folders can be blown up to as big as 1024x1024 and still look clear. If you have problems or questions about Folder Templates HD, please send an email to for tech support.