Four Fruit Ale 101

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官方网站 brings you a delicious Four Fruit Ale Brewing tutorial! Get mor brewing tutorials in HD from! Learn from the best! Shirley Warne will take you on an all-grain oddesy into the land of Fruit Ales. One of the finest fruit ales we have ever put our lips to. In this tutorial brew meister Shirley Warne guides you to fruit ale nirvana. With her 25 years experience at home and professionally Shirley shares her craft and expertise to produce beautiful seasonal fruit ale. This recipe yields 60 liters/ 16 US gal of crisp quaffable four fruit ale. This brew takes a bit of effort to master, but it's well worth the wait! With a brew shack full of custom gear Shirley shows how the pros at home do it. From her retro fitted keg kettles to her temperature controlled fermenting box, she flexes her brewing knowledge and gives you an idea of the possibilities for home brewing equipment and technique. A few steps beyond the standard homebrew set-up, she really maxes out the volume potential for home brewing. Demonstrating and sharing her honed skills everyone can take something away from this tutorial. Whether it’s exact mashing temperatures and volumes, re-pitching yeast or how to bottle pre-carbonated beer, every brewer will feel smarter for watching this one. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make a fruit ale, this video is for you. App Features: • 44 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Table of Contents: 1 Trailer 2 Intro 3 Equipment List 4 Set-Up (Part 1) 5 Set-Up (Part 2) 6 Recipe 7 Mash-In (Part 1) 8 Mash-In (Part 2) 9 Sparging (Part 1) 10 Sparging (Part 2) 11 Sparging (Part 3) 12 Sparging (Part 4) 13 The Boil (Part 1) 14 The Boil (Part 2) 15 Sanitization 16 Cooling (Part 1) 17 Cooling (Part 2) 18 Cooling (Part 3) 19 Cooling (Part 4) 20 Original Gravity 21 Pitching the Yeast 22 Primary Racking (Part 1) 23 Primary Racking (Part 2) 24 Adding the Fruit 25 Secondary Racking 26 Terminal Gravity 27 Kegging 28 Bottling 29 Tasting 30 Credits