NDI Signal Generator

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NDI Signal Generator turns your Mac into a Network Device Interface pattern generator for testing NDI workflows. Color Bars, Ramp and other standard patterns are created and delivered via the NDI IP Video Protocol, and the service is registered in the Bonjour discovery system. You can control Frame rate and the option of frame format. All pattens are generated at 1920x1080 pixels, with the option to scale on the fly into other sizes. A handy frame rate indicator allows you to confirm that your CPU is running fast enough to deliver NDI at full frame rates. Benchmark mode lets you run the generator at maximum frame rate. The Load Animation menu creates a countdown clock test signal and a number of other very useful animated tests including bouncing bars and noise. You can also select a custom PNG file with or without an alpha channel. You can also turn a 1KHz tone on for testing audio. With Animation test patterns the tone will peak at the start of each animation cycle.