Funny Balloon

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“Funny Balloon” is a learning game for kids starting from age 3+. “Funny Balloon” consists of several small gaming sessions grouped by common topic. Each session consists of the material presentation and a mini-game to consolidate learning material. In the series “Color Tutorial” we present twelve basic colors, demonstrate where we can find these colors in nature. The lesson with focus group has shown that after the game “Funny Balloon” children actively found the objects of the learned colors in the surrounding world and by such method they learn the object's characteristics. Games for material consolidation are diverse in form, rather easy and enjoyable. We have not expected children aged 6 years to play “Funny Balloon” with pleasure. However “Funny Balloon” is designed for children from 3 to 5 years. Soft artistic design of the material is very essential for children of this age. “Funny Balloon” is not overloaded with graphic, photographic material is in preference. For adults, such design may seem to be too simple and dull, but it definitely does not overload the kid’s nervous system.