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Learn how to make games for smart phones without programming! Buildbox is taking the developer world by storm, allowing you to build games for iPhone, iPad and other devices without the need for a programmer. Buildbox is a true drag and drop development system and these Tutorials for Buildbox will teach you all you need to know to get started making your own App Store ready games! And do it without any coding! Videos include: - Creating a New Game - The Buildbox 2 User Interface - Changing Game Graphics - Adding your character, enemies and platforms - Animated Characters - Tracking Score - Score by Coins or by Distance - Logic Transforms and Dynamic Platforms - Putting objects to Sleep - Waking up Objects -Creating Dynamic Menus -Game Sounds -Connecting objects -Special effects like Particle emitters -Game Checkpoints -Paths -Exporting your game and testing on device -Menu Jumps -Multi-World Games -Portals -Using spawners -Invisible enemies -Changing character image during gameplay -Coin Shop and Multiple Characters -Showing ads in your game -Adding in-app purchase Also includes a PDF eBook to help accelerate your training. Buildbox is a trademark of 8cell Inc. This set of tutorials is an unofficial app and not endorsed by or 8cell, Inc.