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RecArtNet is an easy to use recorder for ArtNet that allows you to record and play back up to 256 universes in 16 subnets on your computer - ideal for architectural lighting, installations or as a backup system for light shows. The possibility to auto-play opened files and auto-exit after playback makes it easy to run shows at specified times using any scheduling tool that can open a file with its associated application. Straightforward setup: - simply enter the IP of the ArtNet interface in the preferences - set the loop, auto-play and auto-exit options as needed Easy recording: - connect the computer to your ArtNet network - launch RecArtNet, hit the record button and run the show to be recorded from your console - press the stop button when finished, save the recording to disk and playback: - launch ArtNetRec and load a recording - or simply double click on a saved show - if auto-play is disabled in the preferences, press play manually - enjoy the recorded show over and over again Monitoring: - RecArtNet shows you exactly which universes are being recorded and played back