Getting Started for FCP 10.4

OS X 10.9
Getting Started for Final Cut Pro 10.4 is a free 10-lesson video series that will guide you through the basics of using Final Cut Pro 10.4 using provided media, so you can quickly begin editing and delivering a short video project from start to finish. With Getting Started for Final Cut Pro 10.4, you'll learn how to: • Navigate the interface • Save a custom workspace • Skim and select media in the Browser • Import media and view your metadata • Select, tag, and rate clips • Assemble clips into your project timeline • Use the trim tools to edit your clips • Add music to your video • Adjust volume and add audio fades • Add titles, transitions, and effects • Share your movies and much more! Fast and focused • 10 lessons that include everything you need to get started • Professionally produced media is included • Lessons are short - about 4 minutes each Have fun learning • Lessons are delivered in a relaxed style by a professional editor • Follow along as you creates a fun, engaging movie from scratch • Easily switch between the App and Final Cut Pro X to practice what you learn Getting Started for Final Cut Pro 10.4 will help you to: • Begin video editing with no previous experience • Learn concepts you can apply to your own videos • Share your video with your friends Get started making movies and have fun making them