GhostReader Plus – Text to Speech authoring

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GhostReader Plus provides the ultimate Text to Speech authoring solution allowing you to quickly and easily write, edit and markup your text with speech Tags. Create beautiful audiobooks, lively podcasts or proofread your screenplay with all characters having their own voice. You can get full control over which language and voice to use at any moment or let the Automatic Language Detection do that for you. GhostReader Plus also allows you to listen to almost any text on your Mac. Let GhostReader Plus read selected text from other apps with full playback control, listen to Word, PDF and other documents while you do something else, export text to iTunes audio tracks to listen on the go or use GhostReader Plus to write and proofread your work. GhostReader Plus is currently localized in English and French, but can be used to read text with Text to Speech voices many languages. -- A fully functional 15-day trial version can be downloaded at -- Take control with tags - Use tags to define reading speed, voice, language, volume or text that should not be read - Read multilingual texts with automatic language detection - Create your own custom tags to define "characters" Read selected text aloud from any app - Use the Services menu or Action extension to select and read text from any application - Control GhostReader Plus with system-wide shortcuts, even when GhostReader is running in the background - Paure, rewind, fast forward and jump to next or previous paragraph Use with different text formats - Import PDF, Word (doc/docx), plain text and RTF documents* - Read texts with word highlighting and playback control - Edit or save the selected text Compose your own or personalize texts - Use the intuitive formatting features to style your text - Edit text and tags quickly by using search and replace - Zoom your text for easy reading and writing Fine-tune your reading experience - Adjust the pronunciation of words - Choose a voice and adjust speech rate - Read with word or sentence highlighting Listen to your text anywhere you go - Export your text to an iTunes audio file - Create personal and educational podcasts - Listen to the audio file on your phone, tablet or mp3 player Protect your GhostReader documents - Password protect the preferences - Restrict access to text formatting - Use read-only mode to prevent accidental editing *Also reads odt, txt, utxt, and html documents