Golf Pitching & Chipping

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Become a master around the greens by learning how to chip the ball close every time with the help of these 176 video lessons. Learn how, with one swing, you can chip the ball different lengths, consistently. Gain the knowledge that by using two different lengths of swing, and by changing your clubs, you can chip the ball close every time, thus bringing down your score. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Lessons: Chipping Ratios - How to Dial In Your Chipping Golf Lessons - How To Chip in Golf Short Game Instruction Chip Like Phil Mickelson Golf Pitch Shot Stop Hitting your Pitches and Chips Fat and Thin Golf Tip Pitching Chris Toulson Golf Tips Learn to Pitch it like Sergio Garcia Bounce Your Chips Hitting Out of the Rough Tip How to Use the Bounce of Your Golf Wedge to Hit Out of Deep Grass Jeff Ritter - Pitching - Loft and Bounce Hank Haney Chipping From Deep Rough When To Chip and When To Pitch Sean Foley Use Your Right Side Golf Tips Chipping Pitching Wedge Techniques A Flop Shot Lesson With Phil Mickelson Martin Chuck Backspin - The Secret To The Spinning Pitch Shot Tour Striker Golf Academy Golf Tips tv The Mickelson Lob Shot Made Easy Golf Mistake - Unable to Hit a Lob Shot Video Golf Tip -The Lob Shot Flop Shot Bump Run Short Chip Wedge Putt Long Chip How to Chip in Golf - How to Put More Spin on Your Chip Shots Pitches Golf Wedges How To Choose The Correct Bounce How to Break 90 Avoid Skulling Your Chips-Breaking Bad Scores-Golf Digest Travis Fulton Make Better Contact With Your Chips-Chipping Pitching Tips-Golf Digest Golf Tip - Chipping from a tight lie PGA Golf Lesson Scoring Zone Chipping Pitching Tips How To Chip a Golf Ball The Rule of 12 - Chipping Tip for Golf Faldo Tips Chipping control PGA Golf Lesson The Three Club System PGA Golf Lesson PITCHING CHIPPING TIPS - Perfect Pitching PGA Golf Tips Pitching Chipping - Short Game Distance Control Chipping - Control Your Distance Chipping method simplified 1 of 8 Chipping method simplified 2 of 8 Chipping method simplified 3 of 8 Dont try this unless you have Chipping method simplified 5 of 8 How to hole more chip shots 7 of 8 Gary Occhino Golf Chipping and Pitching Short Game Golf Lesson TOP 3 GOLF CHIPPING TIPS TOP 3 GOLF TIPS IN 4K - BE A BETTER CHIPPER Golf Tips tv Learn to chip it in Chipping Vs Pitching 20 AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE BASIC CHIP SHOT 3KEYS TO BETTER LOB SHOTS HOW TO PLAY A SHORT PITCH FROM THICK ROUGH Short Pitch Shots using the Bounce Golf ChippingPitching Correct Ball Position TMaG The Best Lesson - Pitch Shot Basics HOW TO PITCH THE BALL BETTER Consistent Chipping And Pitching How To Position Your Shot For A 50 Yard Pitch HOW TO CHIP THE GOLF BALL CLOSE EVERY TIME TMaG The Best Lesson - How To Play Great Chip shots 3KEYS TO BETTER CHIPPING HOW TO PLAY A HIGHT SOFT LANDING PITCH SHOT Chipping Vs Pitching Luke Donald Mizuno Masterclass 2 Front edge pitch Chip like Luke Donald Foolproof Chipping Ben Hogans Chipping Technique Shot of the Day December 1 2012 from Sherwood CC Lee Trevino - Chipping Pitching Technique 2009 Sergio Garcia - Fantastic Pitch Shot w Slow Motion Tiger Woods Clinic Shot of the Day December 9 2012 from Tiburon Simple Chipping Drill--Foolproof For Solid Contact Dave Stockton on Chipping Tiger Woods Chipping Improve your short game with this Chip Tip from Dave Pelz Jim Furyk on Chipping Tiger Woods practicing chipping at HSBC Tournament in super slow motion Tiger Woods Rory McIlroy - Chipping Technique Tiger Woods FO DTL Chipping 2012 ATT Pebble Beach and more