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Mapcaptain is the cartography app for designers. Turn your geospatial data into beautiful, effective maps with Mapcaptain's powerful and user-friendly mapmaking tools. Maps • Design rich maps with layered geography, labels, and basemaps • Pan, scale, and rotate maps using trackpad gestures • Project maps into common projections including Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic, and Albers Equal-Area Geography • Classify and symbolize your geospatial data • Easily set the fill and stroke color of your symbols • Represent point features with common shapes or your own icon images • Set image fills for polygon layers • Achieve advanced looks with layered styles Labels • Label features with their attribute data • Specify the font, case, spacing, size, color, alignment, placement, and rotation of labels • Emphasize labels with text halos Basemaps • Add context with satellite imagery or prebuilt maps from Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Mapbox, and Stamen • Use other basemaps from around the web via customs URLs • Specify your own Mapbox styles from Mapbox Studio Layouts • Create layouts with maps, text boxes, and rectangles • Pick from preset layout sizes or specify your own • Export layouts to PDFs or images • Print layouts directly from Mapcaptain Text Boxes • Tell the story of your map by adding rich text to your layouts • Wrap text around layout layers Data • Import Shapefile, GeoJSON, and CSV files • Filter features by their attribute values • View and edit attribute and coordinate values Free Trial • Mapcaptain comes with a 14-day free trial • After the trial, document viewing and exporting remain free, but editing requires a one-time in-app purchase Important Notes • Mapcaptain does not guarantee spatial accuracy and should not be used in cases where it is required, such as navigation, surveying, or law. • Mapcaptain and Stereochrome Co are not affiliated with nor endorsed by any data or basemap providers. • Bing Maps and Mapbox basemaps require access tokens. • All datasets and basemaps are subject to their respective licenses and terms. Users alone are responsible for following usage requirements, including proper attribution.