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Goodfolks is an easy to play realistic-looking simulation of country life. Will you accept the challenge of bringing a desolate village back to life? Good folks are coming to this village looking for a nice place to live and work. You will build fields, orchards, and corrals for livestock. Cook meals with ingredients you harvested, milked, or caught. This is an old-fashioned real-time game. You don't need to worry about your plants withering when you are not playing. The game mechanics were inspired by board games. • Real-time farming game with beautiful 3D graphics • Resource and time management gameplay inspired by board games • Manage your characters to plant crops, harvest yields, maintain livestock, etc. • Unlock recipes and cook meals with the fruits of your labour • Feed and maintain various animals: poultry, cows, sheep, pigs and horses • Open-ended Longtown scenario Hardware requirements: OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card (Intel GMA 950 not supported)