GoSalesTrain- Sales fundamental training by Skip Miller Sales Academy, Vocabulary training and more

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* * * * * GoSalesTrain: Sales fundamentals training by Skip Miller Sales Academy, Vocabulary training and more * * * * * GoSalesTrain is the only sales training app that you will ever need on your device. Are you tired of finding sales techniques online to increase your sales? Are you constantly worried about how to meet your sales target? Look no further. The most awaited app for sales training is here on the market! Your one stop solution for all tools and techniques to help meet your sales targets. The GoSalesTrain offers: A) Sales Fundamentals Training by Skip Miller Sales Academy. More than 300,000 sales professionals in 35 countries have benefited from Skip’s sales training tools. The Skip’s training module includes: • The Buy/Sell Cycle Why is This Important? • Prospecting-Never Cold Call Again • Calling High and Speaking the Right Language • Two Way Education - Why it's Different • Controlling the Meeting - Always • Transfer of Ownership - It's All About Them • Qualify and Disqualification Skills - Stop Working on Garbage • Getting the Prospects Not to Stall - It's All About Momentum • Closing the Deal - The Final Step You get access to video, tutorials, quizzes, workbooks, badges and certificates. Note that you need to purchase this application just for $29.99 to get full content access. We collect your email and training data and only use is to help you with the training. To understand our privacy policy please see our privacy URL via http://www.GoSalesTrain.com/privacy.html B) Mobile First Sales Vocabulary Training The training module includes latest sales vocabulary terms on: • C-Level Executives • Sales Acronyms • Economics Terms for Sales Professionals • Accounting Terms for Sales Professionals • Financial Terms for Sales Professionals You get access to free flashcards on latest sales vocabulary terms. C) Mobile First Product Training customized for your industry Customize the app for sales training needs of your products. • Get the latest product training knowledge via tools provided in the app: Quizzes, Flashcards, Tutorials, Videos, Surveys, Dictionary, and many more. • You can also customize the app for your Industry specific sales training needs. • We support custom sales training for Financial Services, Hi-tech Services, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Pharma/Biotech, and Transportation industries. This is essentially your own personal GoSalesTrain section. Please visit us at www.GoSalesTrain.com or write to us at Team@GoSalesTrain.com.