Graphic Designer – Graphics Studio for Textures, Logos, Icons, Buttons & Texts

OS X 10.6.6
Texture Designer is an alternative graphics editor much different from Photoshop. Texture Designer has 100 building blocks for bitmap and vector manipulation and allows you to create buttons, textures, logos, icons and other image components. Features Include: Overview menu, Background picker, Layers menu, Import designs, Import maps – Import standard/hybrid/satellite map of desired location, Vector tool, Transparency menu, Primary/Secondary color menu, Premade background designs, Premade vectors, Move & Resize with fingers, Eraser tool, Rectangle, Circle, Bucket fill, Pen, Undo/Redo, and many more... - 100+ texture and items packs - 15+ mob packs with over 40 mob textures in each - Create as many textures as you want - Create a texture pack based on a template or completely from scratch - Copy, Paste and Undo - Choose from our huge library of logos and fonts - Choose thousands of color combinations - Layers allow you to change at any moment anything that you added (don't forget to select layer that you wish to change) - Export in PNG format (allows best quality and transparency features) - Filters - Email your creation to anyone - No internet connection required to create your textures. - Import from your photo library, import maps (find addresses inside app) - Choose from our huge collection of premade vectors and backgrounds