Graphing Calculator 3D Pro

OS X 10.7.4
Plot high quality graphs of mathematical equations and data with this easy-to-use software. To plot a function simply type it down and the graph will be updated instantly after each keystroke. Its rich set of features include: - Plot 2D & 3D functions - Plot implicit equations - Plot parametric equations - Plot inequalities - Plot 3D scatter points - Plot contour graphs - Generate tables of values - Cartesian coordinates - Polar coordinates - Cylindrical coordinates - Spherical coordinates - Import csv & excel coordinates - Import live data coordinates - High precision computations - 3D shading & glass effects - Fast rotation & graph animations - Simultaneous multiple graphs - Define your own variables - Change value of variables via sliders and see their effects on graphs - Define your own functions (including recursive functions) - Animate graphs Professional Edition unlocked features: - Unlimited Graph Resolution - 100,000 digits Numerical Precision - Take 8000x8000 Screenshots - Import Unlimited Coordinates - Import Live Coordinates - Convert Scatter Points To Surface Mesh - Export .obj 3D Models