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CustomMenu 3 lets you build your own global menu to quickly access your favorite apps, files, and folders. Within your custom menu, you can: • simply click to open an app, file or folder. • cmd-click to show the app, file or folder in the Finder. • easily browse and access hierarchical folder contents. • view file info (kind, size, created, modified, preview). • select the app to open a file. • easily switch between running apps. CustomMenu is always at your fingertips: • via the global menu. • via customizable keyboard shortcut. • at the current mouse location. • even in full-screen mode. CustomMenu 3 is the successor of the classic CustomMenu and has been completely rewritten to be even better. The new features are: - The new preview feature allows you to look at the contents of a file. - A new submenu now lists the apps, files, and folders you have recently used. - The Application Switcher can now hide other apps automatically. - New option for developers to show hidden files and package contents. - A modernized user interface. - Several other improvements, new options, and minor bug fixes. If you have feedback or if you need support, please do not hesitate to contact: