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SALE! $39.99 -> $19.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! ■ Lower resolution support has been added to version 1.1! ■ Optimized for macOS ■ Featured on Macworld, Beckett Guide to Phone Apps, EatAppleNews, and many more! Green Screen Studio is a chroma key application that allows the user to change a monochromatic background into any image they wish. Chroma key is a technique for mixing two images or frames together, in which a color from one image is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it. This technique is also referred to as color keying, color-separation overlay, greenscreen, and bluescreen. Green Screen Studio has tools available to manually remove the background if you do not have a perfect greenscreen background available. This allows you to manually apply backgrounds to any picture you want without a greenscreen. ≈ Easy and Simple ≈ ◎ In the middle screen, click "background image" to load your background image. ◎ In the middle screen, click "top image" to load your foreground image (green screen image). ◎ Use the automatic Green Screen button (left toolbar) to remove the green screen from the top image. ◎ Adjust the green screen sensitivity for increased accuracy. ◎ Manually erase any parts of your foreground image if you don't have a green screen. ◎ Zoom in for finer editing. ◎ Adjust your brush size and opacity to reach corners and blend your image. ◎ Redo or undo any editing. Green Screen Studio keeps track of your every move. ◎ Save your image to finish. You’re done! TIPS: Green is currently used as a backdrop more than any other color because image sensors in digital video cameras are most sensitive to green. The green camera channel contains the least "noise" and can produce the cleanest key/matte/mask. Additionally, less light is needed to illuminate green, again because of the higher sensitivity to green in image sensors. The biggest challenge when setting up a greenscreen is even lighting and the avoidance of shadow, because it is best to have as narrow a color range as possible being replaced. A shadow would present itself as a darker color to the camera and might not register for replacement. A chroma key subject must not wear clothing similar in color to the chroma key color(s) (unless intentional), because the clothing may be replaced with the background. For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email us at We cannot respond directly to user reviews, so we encourage you to email us directly. We will be able to respond and help you troubleshoot. For licensing inquiries, please email