Hangman Classic – Celebrity Edition

OS X 10.5.0
Can you guess the celebrity? This new and zany approach to the classic Hangman game will keep you guessing and entertained with over 50 famous faces. If you like playing word games such as Word-Scrabble or Crosswords, you should definitely try “Hangman Classic - Celebrity Edition”   A fast and witty mind and a little bit of knowledge about your favourite celebrities is all you need to beat the high score. Click the hint button to get a free clue, or if you've earned enough points, use your hard-earned points to reveal part of the celebrity’s face. Be careful! -If you let the timer run out or guess too many times, the game will end.   Get this unique version of “Hangman Classic Celebrity Edition?” and see for yourself what makes it so special. Have fun!   Features…   * Over 50 celebrities. * Timer bar for added challenge. * Saved High Score * Free hint to reveal a clue about the hidden celebrity. * Earn points for correct guesses and use them to reveal part of the face. * Friendly and easy to use interface. * Free future updates with more famous faces. Visit www.BubbalooDigital.com for more titles… Please have a great day.