Summit: Kilimanjaro

OS X 10.11
Inspirational activity tracker for office dwellers. Summit: Kilimanjaro is a simple and elegant menubar app that lets you track flights of stairs climbed. Instead of abstract activity rings, your flights are converted to progress towards “the roof of Africa”, the great Kilimanjaro. Take a break, climb some stairs, and then type in your number. Now pat yourself on the back, you just improved your health on your employer’s dime, and no one’s the wiser! - Stats view gives you the important numbers - Waypoints and milestones tell you more about where you are on the mountain Why stairs? Because they’re convenient, ubiquitous, and proven to burn calories two to three times faster than walking.† Kilimanjaro is built by two brothers, dedicated to staying healthy despite sitting 40 hours a week at desk jobs. If you have suggestions for new features or bugs, we’d love your feedback via the App Store “Support” link, or tweet us @KilimanjaroApp †