Health Calculator

OS X 10.9
A simple App that includes 34 Health Calculators: * Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator * Body Adiposity Index (BAI) Calculator * Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator * Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Calculator * Body Fat Percentage Calculator * Calorie Calculator * Target Heart Rate (THR) Calculator * Ideal Body Weight (IBW) Calculator * Body Surface Area (BSA) Calculator * Lean Body Mass (LBM) Calculator * Weight Loss Percentage Calculator * Human Water Requirement Calculator * Waist Hip Ratio Calculator * Waist Height Ratio (WHtR) Calculator * Bench Press Calculator * Cost of Smoking Calculator * Beep Test Calculator * VO2 Max Calculator * Heart Rate Calories Burned Calculator * Heart Rate Calories Burned Known VO2 Calculator * Blood Volume Calculator * Estimated Blood Volume Calculator * Cycling Calories Burned Calculator * Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) Calculator * Drops Per Minute Calculator * Hyponatremia Correction Calculator * IV Drip Rate Calculator * IV Flow Rate Calculator * Insulin Dosage Level Calculator * Systematic Vascular Resistance (SVR) Calculator * Weight Watchers Daily Points Plus Allowance Calculator * Pro Points Weight Watchers Calculator * Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator * Weight Watchers Old WW Points Calculator It Also Includes: * Description and formula for each calculator * Home Button * Clear Button * Clear All Button * Copy Answer Button