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Old School

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"Underground Hip-Hop icon Moka Only drops the science on some classic tricks from the 80's!" Veteran skateboarder and microphone fiend Moka Only gives us his unique take on some Old-School tricks that have stood the test of time. Each trick tip is full of Moka's personality and special sense of humour, while at the same time informative and useful. Featuring a soundtrack of all original, exclusive beats from Moka himself, this free XNtrick app brings the 80's into the future and beyond. Get radical! Table of contents: 01 Intro 02 Acid Drop 03 Shuvit 04 Boneless 05 Ollie To Axle 06 Ollie Grab 07 Ollie One Foot 08 Ollie Tail 09 Airwalk 10 No Comply BS 11 No Comply FS 12 Curb Booster 13 Old School Session