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History Fixer is an essential browser security tool for your Mac that cleans traces of all objectionable sites you visited recently, without being tracked. With this tool, you can get the privacy you need. Why use History Fixer? Did you accidentally click on a suspicious link that redirected to an unpleasant site? It may be saved on your Mac and can be viewed by anyone. Before they are viewed by anyone else, secure your browsers with History Fixer. It scans your Mac for traces of undesirable sites you visited and then cleans these traces securely. After visiting any objectionable site, it is possible that some images or thumbnails are saved in some folder of your Mac. They can easily be located by anyone else using your Mac. Before you get into trouble, clear all these images securely and keep your privacy intact. Features: 1. Scanner for Traces of Objectionable Sites: It lets you scan your Mac for hidden traces like images & thumbnails of undesirable sites you visited recently. These traces can be viewed by anyone who uses your Mac. With History Fixer, you can easily see what images and thumbnails of undesirable sites exist on your Mac so that it’s easy for you to delete them. 2. Privacy Protector: You can get the privacy you need by clicking the ‘Protect your Privacy’ button. It deletes traces of sites you unintentionally opened on any browser using your Mac. 3. Private Browsing Window: With Private Browsing Mode, you can browse the web securely without being tracked. Your browsing is completely safe. Traces like browser history, cookies etc. are not saved on your Mac.