House Flip Analysis

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Run potential fix and flip numbers before placing bids on houses. Follow the 70% rule and only invest when the numbers make sense. House Flip Analysis does all the work for you so you can make wise investment decisions. Not sure if the deals presented to you are good ones? Run the 70% Rule to find your maximum allowable offer. This will guarantee a profit almost every time! If your into fixing (rehab) and house flipping, simply plug in the numbers, and see projected profit forecast based on 30, 90, 180, 270 days, see monthly expenses, and more! House Flip Analysis was created with the investor in mind, these tactics are proven ways to minimize risk in real estate thus allowing for maximum profits. TOP FEATURES: * Print out results. * 70% Rule Calculator. * 65% Rule Calculator. * 60% Rule Calculator. * Fix and Flip Calculator. * Fix and Flip Rehab Calculator. * Valuable tips on how much spread cash buyers look for in deals. * Everything is automatically date stamped and saved in database on your Mac for easy retrieval. * Share your reports to partners, wholesalers, lenders, social media, etc... Real Estate is all about numbers, never put your emotions in the deal. Real Estate is the best investment anyone can make. If you enjoy using House Flip Analysis, please take a minute to leave a nice review. Thank you very much for your support!