Ships N’ Battles

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Ships N' Battles, a cross platform battleship game: play against others Mac and iOS around the world! - Digitally Downloaded: "There's been a few attempts at making battleship games for the platform, as you'd expect. None are as good as Ships N’ Battles" (4/5) - App-Score: "Ships N' Battles is a battleships game for iOS and Mac with impressive 3D graphics and updated gameplay" (9/10) - God is a Geek: "Ships N' Battles is a gorgeous looking game" (7/10) Play the next generation of the classic game, controlling the most destructive power of the seas with a finger touch. Ships N 'Battles has high-definition graphics, great special effects like explosions, smoke and an ocean! Play against players around the world with Multiplayer via Global Server or against your friends you your local area network. Compare your rating in the World Ranking leaderboard and show who is the king of the seas. Earn trophies, more than 30 achivements to unlock! And there's more: - 4 types of ships - 10 different bonuses - 4 levels of difficulty - Multiplayer via Global Server (play against others Mac and iOS) - Multiplayer via LAN (wifi) - Accelerated mode in the single player - Water with reflections