Hue Menu for the Philips Hue

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The new version of Hue Menu is finally out! The best Mac App for Philips Hue gives you now even more control! Our utility has been remade with the official Philips Hue SDK for macOS with the full syncing of scenes, and groups, accessories and alarms. It is the most complete app for the Philips hue lights on macOS! Even better you can now change the color and brightness of your Philips Hue from the TouchBar hue menu now fully support the TouchBar, you can control all the lights right from the TouchBar. The best app for your Philips hue light bulbs on macOS has been totally redesigned from the ground up to increase responsiveness, usability with a new, attractive and clear user interface. If you have any issue please email-us at will be happy to help you Features: -Change the color, brightness and turn on/off individual, a group or all of hue lights -Groups and Scenes are synchronised with the official iOS App of Philips Hue -Dark Mode -Start hue menu on Login -Flash lights -Random mode -Alarms ("Hue Personal Wireless Lighting" is a trademark owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., see for more information.) Hue Menu 3 for Philips hue in no way affiliated with the Philips organisation. .