keyBot password generator

OS X 10.11
keyBot is the password generator that will help you remember your secure passwords. All you have to do is enter your memorable word(s) and it generates a secure password. Today most of us face at least one of the following challenges: -> Passwords are either easy to remember and insecure, or hard to remember - and secure. -> Password managers can store your passwords on the cloud but if you lose your device getting back on track can be slow and painful. -> Storing passwords in plain text is an insecure practice. Your solution in 3 simple steps: 1. Enter your memorable word(s) e.g “facebook” 2. Enter your own key e.g “ an apple a day… ” 3. Press Go and then Copy the secure generated password to use it for your login. Your key to your security: Using your own key is optional, but strongly recommended. Doing so, puts in you control of the password generation process. * By using a complicated key, you can use descriptive memorable word(s) safely. * You can save your key and it will be used automatically; but remember you will still have to enter your memorable word(s). *If you don't save the key you will have to enter the same key every time you want to generate the password. keyBot features: * Removes the need to remember complex passwords. Uses its own algorithm to generate your passwords with measures in place to handle repetition pattern. * Use your memorable word(s) to generate passwords You can use your own key. * Use emojis, special characters, lower/upper case letters, numbers, spaces to generate passwords. * Every generated password contains at least one: upper/lower letter, number, symbol. * keyBot does not store your passwords on any databases, and as soon as you copy the password, it will automatically disappear after 2 minutes from the clipboard. If you lose your device, you can regenerate your passwords on any device running keyBot. Free Version: -For the first 100 passwords that you generate you can use a key along with a memorable word. After that you can only use a memorable word(10 characters length) Full Version: Generate unlimited amount of passwords using memorable words(80 characters) and key(50 characters)