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Supercharge your work with spreadsheets with iArt for Numbers - Templates! Hundreds of professionally-designed spreadsheet templates with convenient lists, tables, and charts. Graphic Node’s iArt for Numbers - Templates is an exceptional companion for your work and personal projects. All of the templates were designed with specific needs in mind. Effectively track your budgets, evaluate your business, compare and track results, plan shopping, wedding, and other events. The iArt for Numbers - Templates package includes hundreds of spreadsheet templates in 11 categories: - Calendars & Schedules - Comparison - Exercise & Health - Finance & Investment - Home & Family - Human Resources - Invoices & Receipts - Lists & Checklists - Miscellaneous - Personal Finance - Project Management Each template is easily customizable, contains suitable tables or checklists, and illustrates the given information with graphs and charts if applicable. The templates are available in the US and international paper sizes. * Requires Apple Numbers 3.0 or later