ICD-9&10 GEM

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• Provides access to complete 2015 CMS general equivalency mapping information. • Decodes the scenario, combination & choice information and displays even the most complex mappings in an easy-to-read format. • Multiple windows help you work through your code lists. • Paste in any number of codes at once and print–if you can get a list of codes used from your billing system, you can instantly get a full report of mappings. The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is imminent. The ICD-10 is more specific, so many ICD-9 codes can map to a choice between multiple ICD-10 codes. (Except of course where the ICD-10 is less specific.) The ICD-10 does not use combination codes, so many ICD-9 codes map to a collection of multiple ICD-9 codes. (Except of course where the ICD-10 does use combination codes.) This app will let you quickly explore the mappings for the codes you use, and see all the complexities and ambiguities, as you prepare for the transition.