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PDF-OCR-Free is a simple drag-and-drop app that converts your PDFs into searchable PDF files. FEATURES: 1. OCR Technology Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert PDFs to searchable PDFs. Supports 45 recognition languages:English,German,French,Italian,Portuguese,Spanish, etc. 2. Three Export Mode Text Only: The recognized text is saved as text, and the pictures are saved as pictures.The original PDF document is not retained. Text On Image:The entire PDF is saved as a picture. Text areas are saved as text over the image. Image Only: The entire PDF is saved as a picture. 3. Batch Conversion Batch conversion saves your time by allowing you to import multiple PDFs at one time. 4. Easy and Efficient The interface is quite simple. Only in 3 steps you can successfully convert PDFs to searchable PDFs. 5. Support drag-and-drop operation You can add, remove or change the order for conversion by dragging and dropping. 6. Convert Encrypted PDF files. For PDF files that are protected from copying,editing and printing by Owner Password, PDF-OCR-Free can convert them directly. For PDF files that are protected from opening by Open Password, you need to enter the right password to convert them. ************************************ Note: The free version can convert the first 2 pages of your document.You can buy the in-app-purchase to upgrade to the unlimited version. Connect us: anwodlook@outlook.com