ICNSmini – Shrink PNG, ICNS, Iconsets, TIFs & ICOs.

OS X 10.9
Introducing ICNSmini, a neat little application from Ohanaware that slims PNG, ICNS, TIFF, Iconset & Windows ICO images down in file size, some files can shed upto 85% of their digital fat. Helping to make better Mac Apps and slicker web sites. # Improve Mac apps Reduce the excess fat from Mac Apps, by shrinking the big ole fat ICNS files, cut a few more bytes by stripping unused elements. Squish internal app PNG & Tiff imagery, for more savings. # Reduce web page download times As ICNSmini can squash PNG files, throw in PNG images used on websites, maintain transparency while reducing the image file sizes by up to 75%. Pages load faster, look as great as before and users can enjoy the site quicker and get where they’re going. # As simple to use as it looks ICNSmini has one of the most simplified and gorgeous interfaces we've ever designed. There's a feel of minimalistic zen to it. Yet starting the process is as simple as dropping a PNG, TIFF, ICNS or Iconset into the window. The moment ICNSmini is fed a file, it leaps into action and begins to burn off the excess digital cellulite, providing a simple yet intuitive progress of how far it's come and how much weight has been reduced. In the lab, we're seeing weight loss of between 90%~55% depending on the contents of the image and the original format. # the best compression tools in the industry Underneath ICNSmini's gorgeously modern, sleek and simple exterior, lies our own custom ICNS generator, custom TIFF processor and ‘pngquant’. pngquant is the #1 process for compressing PNG files, and its behind many image compression tools. ICNSmini's own icon file started at 1.8mb, before it exercised it's muscles and reduced that unsightly blob down to just 22% of it's former self, that's right it lost 1.4mb! # Upgrade to ICNSmini Plus Available via In-App-Purchase, drop in a whole bunch of images or a folder and ICNSmini will work it’s way through supported files, saving time and effort. Just to be clear, ICNSmini is fully functional without batch processing, but it requires each file to be dropped in separately. ICNSmini Plus now includes lightning fast image resizing, file conversion and file re-naming. To compliment these functions, ICNSmini Plus include 30 built-in presets to choose from, with the ability to create your own custom presets. Presets can also be exported and imported, which makes it a boon with multiple users of ICNSmini Plus. Notes: Actual compression rates will vary, dependent upon the original content of the image. ICNS compression can reach 15% when additional “Element stripping” is enabled in the preferences, otherwise ICNS average rates are about 25% of their original size. ICNS element stripping will make the ICNS file incompatible with OS X 10.6 or older. PNG compression is processed by the open source pngquat project.