Addition & Subtraction Flash Action

OS X 10.6.6
Schools often require children to pass a timed test covering both addition and subtraction facts. School Zone's Flash Action Addition & Subtraction app is the perfect tool for memorizing those facts! With this helpful app, children will be able to learn addition and subtraction facts in a flash. The program makes learning addition and subtraction facts fast and easy. It’s flashcards with a techno twist! Children can practice problems against the clock, challenge another player to a game of fast facts, or test themselves for speed and accuracy. Children can set the program to practice addition, subtraction, or mixed problems, and the level of difficulty will be adjusted based on their performance. If there is a fact a child just can't get, he or she can go to the handy, interactive chart to find the answer. Prepare your child for school using trusted educational content. School Zone Publishing Company has been creating children's educational products for over 30 years. Ages: 6+ Grades: 1–2 Features: •Vertical and horizontal presentation of equations •Audio responses for correct and incorrect answers •Interactive addition and subtraction chart •Multi-player gaming •Assorted playing modes, including testing mode •Reward animations •Scoring Skills: •Addition •Subtraction •Fact families (U.S. English language & math conventions)