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IconFly Web is an incredible time saver that allows you to easily create Web clip icons and favicons. Supported image formats for icons creation: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, ICNS, PSD, EPS, AI, PDF. IconFly Web allows you to create the following web icons: • Web clip icons with headers • Ordinary and Extended favicon • Android web icons with headers and manifest QuickIcon QuickIcon is an innovative feature that allows you to create all needed icons much more quickly, just in one click. IconFly Web is easy to use. Just drag your image into the app, click Generate, and IconFly Web will immediately produce all of the icon previews to instantly see how your icons will look in different sizes. Moreover, you can not only see but also replace the images separately for different sizes. And when you are satisfied with the results, you can easily export your icons for immediate use.