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Utility to search in one go one or several sets of words in hundreds of files created by wordprocessors, pagemakers, and html files etc. (except .pdf files). In fact, if you write a lot, there may come a time when you are in doubt whether a certain word has always been spelled correctly: here comes iFindText’s usefulness, since you can make a search of the mispelled word and after a while you will see which of your files contain the mispelled word. It is also valuable for translators, journalists and editors, as it allows to locate easily in which precise files a phrase or code expression is included. So, through iFindText it is possible to know how many times a given word/sentence occurs in all of your files and in each file. To start a search-process, you have only to write one or more words/sentences in the FIND field(s) and drag-n-drop files and folders onto iFindText’s main window or icon. At the end of the search process, double-clicking a row in the result box, the related file will be launched by the right application, for you to make appropriate editing. Or, clicking the lens icon at the right of a row, you can preview and save the (unformatted) context of the words/sentences found: the additional screenshot shows the context of a search of three words (the found words being colored blu, red and green). Other features: • To speed up the search-process, it is possible to tell iFindText which kind of files and which folders are not to be processed (in the Preferences). • Text-font and -size of the Search field and of the Result list may be modified (i.e. you are not bound to the System Font): this approch is very convenient for users who have often to switch from texts in Roman characters to texts using, for example, Greek, Cyrillic etc. non-unicode fonts (see screenshot where Roman and Bengali characters are used). • The Bookmarks Menu helps speeding up the process of accessing folders containing documents that require frequent checking.