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iGif Creator is one best GIF creator for Video, Photo, GIF on Mac OS. You can create our GIF from your video clips, pictures and GIF with different text layer on each GIF frames. Features: * Convert video clips to GIF. * Convert photos into GIF. * Convert GIF to new GIF ( Edit GIF ). * Resize or crop the video for GIF. * Set the FPS for fetching images from video. * Add Caption on GIF for each images. * Move the Caption to anywhere on GIF. * Create GIF with your customized FPS. * Preview & Create GIF with the number of loops for GIF. * Preview & Create GIF with direction, normal playing (forwards) or reverse playing (backwards). * Set the dimension for GIF. * Insert or delete image frames, add caption layer, reverse old GIF. How to use iGif Creator? 1. Add video/photos/gif in different mode. 2. Set start, end time of video clip, reorder the images frame, right click to insert images frame etc. 3. Set loop, sequence, FPS, dimension for GIF. 4. Preview GIF. 5. Create GIF. Support email: peter198312@gmail.com