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If you have vacation, wedding and family videos that want to share with your family and friends, or you have some good downloaded videos and homemade video clips that you want to make them into your own movies, it is a good choice to burn them into DVD for sharing, collection and playback. iLove DVD Maker is provides you a handy tool to meet the above-said needs. With this DVD burner software, you can easily burn all sorts of videos into DVD discs for playback with DVD player, or to DVD folder for backup or for later burning on your Mac. And the output quality is definitely outstanding. Have fun~ :-) Key Features: * Output either DVD disc for sharing, collection, playback… or DVD folder to backup on your computer for later burning. * Create DVD-5, DVD-9 disc, folder and/or ISO image without quality loss. * Create DVD movies with NTSC or PAL video standard * High conversion and burning speed.