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Image Wrap allows you to store any file in a device or cloud storage location that only accepts image files. Wrapping and unwrapping a file with Image Wrap is just like zip and unzip; wrap compresses the file and unwrap decompresses. The only difference is that with Image Wrap, the compressed file is an image file instead of a zip file. • Wrap any file (documents, spreadsheets, anything at all) into to DNG format image file - the DNG file is 100% standard, and complies with all DNG specifications • The original file can be retrieved either by Image Wrap itself, or any other DNG capable app, such as Adobe's DNG converter • Easy to use batch conversions • The file contents is automatically zipped to reduce storage space and bandwidth • Wrapped files are easy to find - the file extension is added to wrapped file's name, and Image Wrap sets the date and time of the wrapped file to the same date and time as the original