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imageEncoder will encode your PNG or JPEG images to Base 64 for embedding within your website, or storing your images within a database. Completely supports batch image encoding, live resizing, and PNG or JPG Base 64 export / copy. Embedding your website images within your code can create pages that are more portable, and may load faster than direct linked images due to reduced HTTP requests. • Drag your images into imageEncoder, or browse your image library. • The preview shown within imageEncoder is the actual Base 64 encoded image - no guessing! • Export as PNG-24 or JPEG with completely customizable JPEG quality. • Export images as-is, or resize within imageEncoder with live preview. • Export as: Base 64, CSS, HTML, XML, URL and HEX. Note that inline base 64 encoded images are intended for small images. As the base 64 encoding process can actually increase image size slightly, it is primarily useful for icons, buttons, UI elements, etc. It is not recommended to encode large images ( > 1MB ) due to performance and size limitations. Please contact support if you have any comments, suggestions or issues. We take great pride in our products, and will go above and beyond to support our customers. You can contact support by visiting our website at Thanks!