Match and Learn

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Check out the Exclusive Game Video Trailer Does your heart melt when you see your little one learn and play? This application is specifically designed to be deliver fun and sharpen the memory skills! The best this is Playing and Learning has never been so digital. Match them together is a fun way of developing young minds thought process. Its all about remembering and identifying the correct pair. It is designed to be a great entertainer for kids while it equally delivers a punch of learning while playing. Kids love animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, toys, vehicles….the list goes on. We have brought them all here to match their duplicate and pair them. A glimpse of the placement of these interesting objects is the challenge in the application. Kids have to remember the order before it flips back. Children won’t even realize they are learning, it’s so much of a fun activity. The narratives come as an encouraging factor to motivate the children to play more and appreciate success. Superbly designed levels add a great element of learning and we are sure your kids will enjoy throughout the gameplay. Features: •Amazing Graphics of interesting things •Soothing Sound for the young minds •Studio recorded voice instructions •Learn while you play concept •Great memory tester