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iMaginator is a powerful image processing powerhouse that can turn your photos into spectacular pieces of art. You can combine paint, text and other images to your photo or canvas and add over 128 different effects in as many layers as you want. Animate the effects and make a movie. Think "PhotoShoppe on Acid." Instantly Apply Effects to Images * Overlay Text, other Images, and Paint * Instantly Apply Hundreds of Effects * Drag on Photos - including RAW format * Edit Images non-destructively * Paint and Erase in layers * Each layer can have it's own Effects Working With Images * Intuitive All-In-One Interface * Zoom In and Out * Full Screen Preview * Full Screen Movies * Unlimited Undo * Rulers, Guides & Cropping * Turn layers and Effects on or off Save to Many Formats * Drag out images from Image Well * Save as TIFF, JPG, PNG or QuickTime Movie * Save Effect Chains & Images in Library * Make Thumbnails of any Size * Add EXIF & Photo Tags Powered by CoreImage & iLife * 115 native Effects and Filters * 12 custom Core Image Unit PlugIns * Automatically loads new PlugIns * Drop on effects from Videator * Drop In assets from iPhoto and Create Expert Features * Batch Processing of Folders of Images * LinkBack Server for use w/Create® * AppleScriptable Snow Leopard Ready and Online Help * Super Fast Rendering * SpotLight plugIn * Find Effects Fast * Searchable Help and Downloadable PDF