In-Depth Lessons for Final Cut Pro 10.3

OS X 10.9
In-Depth Lessons for Final Cut Pro 10.3 showcases the new features, workflow improvements, and editing enhancements introduced in the new 10.3 release of Apple’s flagship professional editing app. With In-Depth Lessons for Final Cut Pro 10.3, you'll learn how to: • Assign custom roles to audio • Organize audio by lanes • Import and use iXML data • Edit & mix audio by roles • Work faster with new keyboard commands • Utilize timecode copy and paste functionality • Remove attributes from a clip or group of clips • Deliver projects in Rec. 2020 (wide gamut) • Store Motion projects directly in the Library • Work with Synchronized & Multicam clips • Add effects to Roles and Subroles Learn at your own pace • 17 lessons covering the changes and enhancement to FCP 10.3 • Chapter markers are included for jumping to specific topics • Lessons are short - about 10 minutes each • Watch them continuously or just a few at a time Have fun learning • Lessons are delivered in a relaxed style by a professional editor • Focused, concise lessons that are carefully scripted and edited • Easily switch between the App and Final Cut Pro X to practice what you learn In-Depth Lessons for Final Cut Pro 10.3 will help you to: • Get up to speed quickly with the latest changes • Begin implementing role-based audio sweetening and mixing • Edit and deliver in the new wide gamut color space Make better movies and have fun making them with In-Depth Lessons for Final Cut Pro 10.3.