India Pale Ale

OS X 10.9
Damon's back with his second BHT tutorial, this time he's armed with more hops! Watch him brew this West Coast style I.P.A. in the comfort of his own home. This brew has a medium body, solid alcohol percentage, and an intensely hoppy flavor. If you're into hops your going to love this beer. Making beer in your own kitchen, for most guys it the best use of one, watch Damon whip-up an IPA from all-grain, with the least amount of putzing around. Using the standard home brew equipment Damon maxes out the hop quotient on this one, making another delicious brew. Using Cascade and Centennial whole hops he loads this IPA with alpha acid goodness, even dry hopping with Centennial in his cornelius keg! This malty, hoppy refreshing ale can be mastered with Damon's help, maybe you'll drink so much of this IPA you'll want to go for Sushi and not pay (a little Repoman knowledge for you). Table of Contents: 1. India Pale Ale 2. Equipment 3. Recipe 4. Ingredients 5. Set-up 6. Mash-in 7. Sparging 8. The Boil 9. Sanitization 10. Cooling 11. Original Gravity 12. Pitching the Yeast 13. Primary Racking 14. Terminal Gravity 15. Kegging & Bottling 16. Testing