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If you need assistance, please refer to our Technical Support Team by clicking the link on the right of this page. We cannot answer to customer reviews on the App Store! === InerziaIcon is the all-in-one answer for your icons organization needs. It features an advanced user interface that can help you in sorting out, filtering, editing and searching your icons collection. You can also create a new Retina display compatible icon directly from InerziaIcon. Key features: • Organize your icons in Collections, filter them and keep your Library organized with plenty of details. • Automatically organize icons with Smart Collections • Edit your icons with more than 25 Core Image filters • Keep your editing history with automatic backups. Restore to an older version even in different sessions. • Apply your icons to folders, documents, applications and volumes. • Export as image with desired size or as ICNS. • Manage, edit and convert ICO documents. • Create Retina-display compliant icons with existing PNG images. • Many more to come with future updates! PLEASE NOTE: PNG files required to create a new icon must be created in a third-party application.