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Inspector Json is the handsome JSON editor for the Mac. The AutoGuessingTypes technology presents the content in the focus. The amazing simple handling of documents allows to edit JSON files without being distracted by the structure definition. Developers love the easy approach of the interface and are amazed how quickly documents are opened. AGTypes allows to edit data quickly. The correct type for strings, integers and Numbers will be detect and set automatically. Type determination is possible from the context menu while a proper typecast performs. With Inspector Json everyone can create and edit JSON files, whether they are stored as local files, or come from a web resource like REST-Servers. Import functions allow the construction of files from various sources and nest them together with drag&drop. - Without annoying setting of brackets - Without taking up the whole screen with doubled information - Adapted to the nice looking Yosemite layout We have tested Inspector Json on sales people and let them edit configuration files! Our developers were sustainably happy with the results! Features at a glance: - Edit JSON in the outline editor - AutoGuessingTypes technology (AGTypes) - Importing content from web resources (with full support of HTTP headers) - Importing documents from a file or a web resource as a a child element - Importing documents directly from the Finder using Drag&Drop - Copy&Paste from Inspector Json into text documents - Copy&Paste from text documents into Inspector Json - Drag&Drop items between two open documents - Export the document as a markdown file - Using regular expressions for searching the document - Supports Versions and Auto Save Inspector Json reduces the displayed information to the essentials. The sleek and uncomplicated design creates productivity. The user interface has been optimised so that it appears simply and logically even to novice editors to create and edit JSON files. Inspector Json runs on MacOSX 10.10 (Yosemite) We are continuously developing Inspector Json and maintain close contact to our cutomers. Contact us through our website : or on Twitter @ausderTechnik