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Make a Ringtone for iPhone in 5 easy steps along with Fade in and Fade out effects.The application helps you to create Ringtones from any of your favourite Songs.Just pick any song and make unlimited ringtones of your choice using this application. It supports M4A and MP3 songs.The Ringtones are fully compatible with iPhones.The created Ringtones could be easily set as Ringtones on the iPhone.The ringtones could also be assigned to an individual contact in iPhone. The application also supports Fade in and Fade out effects.If needed , the Fade in & Fade out effects could be added to the Ringtones to have a pleasurable experience. Apart from this, the application can also be used to Cut parts from a MP3 or M4a file & save the trimmed portion as a new MP3 file. Below are the features & usage of the created Ringtone : a) Create unlimited Ringtones from any MP3 or M4a song. b) Set the created Ringtone as a Ringtone in iPhones easily. c) If you have a memo in MP3 or M4a format, you could trim the selected part of the memo and save it. d) The ringtone could be assigned to a specific contact as well. In this way , there would be different Ringtones for each contact. e) Create sound clips to post on your website. f) Add music to your presentation. g) Save the cut part either as a Ringtone or Save as MP3. h) The application supports Drag & Drop functionality. Just drag & drop the song from any application and start cutting it. i) Directly type into the start and end points to set the expected position j) Slider now supports increments in fraction of seconds. k) Apply Fade in and Fade out effect to the Ringtones or the MP3/M4a files. Note : Once, the ringtone is created by the App, please add it to to the "Tones" section of the iTunes. After that, please sync that tone with your iPhone to get the Ringtone on your phone. You could see the detailed help in our below tutorial Videos :